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Glen Scrimshaw Joins J&S Picture Frame Warehouse

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Glen Scrimshaw Joins J&S Picture Frame Warehouse

The Glen Scrimshaw Gallery

Grand Opening

November 1st, 2016

at J&S Picture Frame Warehouse

Glen scrimshaw

The long awaited announcement is here. The Glen Scrimshaw Gallery is joining J&S Picture Frame Warehouse and we are just thrilled!

The Early Years

For those of you who are not aware of Glen Scrimshaw, Glen is a Canadian to the core, having been born in Big River, SK. in May of 1959. He spent his youth in Big River, and was part of the graduating class of 1977. His interest in art started at a young age and as soon as he was able to hold a pencil, Glen began drawing, and he drew constantly. He received his first oil paints at the age of 12, and his first work was a classic still life bowl of fruit. Most of the earlier works are lost, with the earliest painting in his possession being a painting done at age 14, a landscape at sunset, complete with power poles… A foreshadowing of the landscape paintings which would come to dominate his body of work.

Thirty years into his career as a professional artist, many of Glen’s paintings are instantly recognizable by the recurring themes of lightning in the summer scenes and the northern lights in his winter landscapes.

The Evolution of Glen Scrimshaw

His style has also evolved. Feeling restricted by the slow-dying property of oils, and their heavy odor, he replaced oils with soft pastels and ink. However, 5 years later he was feeling somewhat restricted by the medium he searched again for a product to replace the pastes and ink. Someone suggested airbrush with acrylic paint. He tried it and instantly felt at ease and had found his niche that was waiting for him. Glen is also an avid photographer, and has thousands of reference photos cataloged, which inspire his original paintings. The paintings evoke his memories, and once started, a painting must be completed!

The Glen Scrimshaw Galleries

Glen’s first gallery opened in La Ronge, Saskatchewan in 1987 in a small corner of the bus depot! From La Ronge he moved to Duck Lake, Saskatchewan in 1991 and created a landmark that is still known today. In 2000, Glen opened a second location in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which will be open until October 15th, 2016. Having a long lasting relationship with the owner of J&S Picture Frame Warehouse, Sherry Morris, Glen and Sherry had many discussions about joining forces and relocating the Saskatoon gallery to J&S Picture Frame Warehouse. He will be launching the new space on November 1st, 2016.


In Glen’s 30 year career, he has enjoyed countless awards and recognition’s. Some include: ABEX Award- Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, SABEX Award- Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Award- Saskatchewan Tourism.

Charity Work

Glen supports countless charities and his work is found at fundraisers across Canada. Glen supports Global Concerns to local sports teams, school trips, family emergencies and on and on. Over the years of his career, he has raised millions of dollars through the donations of his art work.

Glen Scrimshaw loves to give back and challenges each and every one of us to do the same. As Glen puts it, “Everyone has something they can do to help. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if everyone pitched in to help their neighbor, community or the world?”

Bald Butte

Painted in 2004

Glen Scrimshaw Joins J&S Picture Frame Warehouse

Glen always wanted to travel to Cypress Hills, having being told of the majestic beauty of this spot in southern Saskatchewan.

The Search

“I decided to go there and look around to see what kind of a picture I could paint. A fact that I did not know until I visited there was that Bald Butte has the bragging rights for highest elevation in Canada, east of the Rockies. Driving around there, it became very plain to me that I must paint a sunset using Bald Butte as the subject. So it was decided that I would do a painting of this spot.”

“Since I had arrived there in the early afternoon, I had time to tour around and check out the rest of the park. While I was looking around at Bald Butte in the later afternoon, I received a phone call from my youngest daughter, Gabrielle, that our little white miniature American Eskimo dog, Zoey, had been run over. Needless to say, this brought a great deal of sadness to me, and the tears were flowing. What an extremely emotional afternoon it was! Little did I know that even more was to come.”

The Inspiration

“I came back about a half hour before the sun was going to set. I had my spot all figured out as to where to take the photos that I was going to use for reference for the painting. As the sun began to set, I noticed something very, very, eerie in the sky. The clouds in the sky formed into a “duck” and a “dog” as the sun went down. I was shocked to see them so clearly in the sky. What did they mean? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. My dog, Zoey, from Duck Lake, was saying goodbye to me! It was so clear that I promised myself that I would paint them into the painting as my tribute to a wonderful little friend that I had lost.” – Glen Scrimshaw

For more stories about Glen’s paintings, A Mile in My Shoes- The Stories Behind the Paintings by Glen Scrimshaw will be available for purchase at J&S Picture Frame Warehouse!

Moving to J&S Picture Frame Warehouse

Glen Scrimshaw Joins J&S Picture Frame Warehouse

The Glen Scrimshaw Gallery located at J&S Picture Frame Warehouse

121-D Jessop Avenue, Saskatoon, SK





We are very excited to have Glen Scrimshaw join J&S Picture Frame Warehouse! This will be Glen’s new space once he has completed the move from the 2nd Avenue location. We still have a little bit of work ahead of us, however, once this space has the additional lighting, racking and of course, GLEN SCRIMSHAW originals, it will finally be complete. Each member of the J&S Picture Frame Warehouse staff poured their heart and souls into making this renovation a reality.

For more information on Glen Scrimshaw, please visit his website at www.glenscrimshaw.com or contact us at 306-373-1171. Our hours of operation are Monday-Saturday 9:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m. We are closed on Sundays and holidays.

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