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J&S Picture Frame Warehouse Art Gallery Grand Opening

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J&S Picture Frame Warehouse Art Gallery Grand Opening

Redesigned Art Gallery

Grand Opening

November 5th, 2016



 J&S Picture Frame Warehouse Mission:

There have been many visible changes to the J&S Picture Frame Warehouse art gallery over the past three months. One being the addition of Glen Scrimshaw, and the second being the addition to our existing art gallery. J&S Picture Frame Warehouse recently had our gallery grand opening on November 5th and we have expanded the space to allow for more local artists to show their work in our newly redesigned space!

J&S Picture Frame Warehouse’s mission is to give local artists the opportunity to show  and sell their artwork without having to pay astronomical commissions and membership fees. For many of us, additional costs make it very difficult to break into the Saskatoon art scene therefore, we have eliminated that roadblock entirely. We would like to reach out to anyone who would like to book the space with open arms and say, “Welcome to J&S Picture Frame Warehouse!”

J&S Picture Frame Warehouse Fees and Commissions:

Our fees are $35.00 per week for the space rental for a maximum of 30 days and our commission is 15% on transactions completed with our debit machine (Debit, Master Card and Visa) or 10% on any cash transactions. The space is big enough to host several artists at one time, as a result, making it more affordable for those who wish to display your work!

Marketing & Promotion:

We will assist you with marketing the event but you will be required to send out personalized invitations to anyone you would like to invite.

This is a list of items that Ashlea will need from you to help you make your grand opening a success:

  • Pictures of featured art work for our blog, social media and flyers
  • Grand opening date
  • Biographies of featured artists (short)
  • Social media and website information to link to our sites14633448_293323911066709_3635485460914884161_o
  • Proof of liquor licence if you wish to serve alcoholic beverages at the Grand Opening
  • Deposit and signed contract for the space

Here is an example of marketing used for our current show, A Creative Collaboration Exhibition that runs from November 5th – November 18th, 2016


In conclusion, if you are an artist, you are welcome to show your work here at J&S Picture Frame Warehouse’s new art gallery!









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